Galaxy Quest Travel offers travel insurance packages from RBC Travel Insurance (formerly Voyageur Insurance) for the most comprehensive protection. RBC Travel Insurance provides affordable, flexible medical coverage you can trust.

Galaxy Quest Travel and RBC Insurance provides worldwide emergency medical assistance which

  • Can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Assists clients in need of medical attention or hospitalization;
  • Refers you to the nearest accredited medical service providers within the network;
  • Provides payment for medical services upfront;
  • Provides for travel arrangements for emergency return home, family transportation, and return of vehicle;
  • Contacts your family, family physician and even transmits messages for you.

We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of online insurance options through RBC Insurance.

Our online services are:

  • Deluxe Package,
  • Cancellation and Interruption and
  • Classic Medical. Deluxe Package
    This insurance provides Cancellation & Interruption (Interruption only if you have selected the ‘no cancellation’ option), Flight Accident, Travel Accident, Baggage & Personal Effects, and Emergency Medical. It also offers, at no extra charge, extra protection just in case your luggage is delayed, and emergency medical insurance for an infant travelling with you. Cancellation and Interruption
    Designed to cover your travel investment, this insurance protects you from the costs that arise when a sickness, an injury or another unexpected situation disrupts your travel plans. Before departure, it covers the cancellation penalties that may be charged by the airline or tour operator and, after departure, it covers the costs associated with an early or delayed return. Classic Medical
    This insurance provides unlimited coverage of the eligible emergency medical expenses that you incur while away from your home province/territory, and that exceed the benefits of government health insurance and private coverage. This essential coverage comes with a full range of benefits including the round-the-clock services of Assured Assistance Inc., Pay-Assist® to ensure you are not out-of-pocket for your eligible expenses, and referral to Medirect®, our proprietary network of fully accredited hospitals and doctors.
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