Do your employees book their own travel, not taking advantage of negotiated supplier discounts or stepping outside travel policy? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to control your travel spend? Are you faced with stricter reporting and auditing requirements?

Your organization can be confident when choosing Galaxy Quest Travel for your travel management solutions. No other travel management company is as focused on the unique needs of corporations that rely on travel to succeed. We know what every organization needs from its travel service provider: attention, savings and results.

Your travel manager will work with you to understand your business better than anyone else – and take the time to get to know you and your business travel needs. That attention, coupled with the latest technology, consistently results in finding you the lowest possible rates and the highest efficiencies. Since we understand the ever-changing nature of business, we maintain a flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile (or thousands of miles) – assuring you of corporate travel solutions that give you the positive results you demand.

Galaxy Quest Travel offers unique travel solutions for businesses of all sizes that want to more effectively manage business travel, reach compliance goals, and ultimately, save money. Different companies have different needs when traveling. To achieve a better understanding and recognition of these diffencences, we have made a superior concept, which take into consideration the different travel requirements our customers have.

These concepts help us define what is important for you as a customer.

This is not a package deal – on the contrary – it is our tool to achieve a tailor made solution for you, where travel management, service and price are the main factors.

Products and services

Galaxy Quest Travel can take care of all your travel needs – before, during and after your trip

Galaxy Quest Travel’s products and services covers the whole travel chain.If you want to hear more about our products, contact us for a non-committal talk about how to optimize you travel activities. In addition to the core services that constitute exceptional travel management, Galaxy Quest Travel provides our clients with unique products and services that maximize the value and efficiency of their travel management programs. Here are some examples:building

Supplier Negotiation
Our relationships with industry suppliers can lead to special discount rates and other savings VIA Travel passes on to you.

Risk Management
Our risk management program Galaxy Quest Travel Tracker alerts your mobile workforce to potential hazards and offers 24-hour assistance from anywhere in the world.

Online Booking Solutions
We offer the industry’s best online tools – user friendly and cost efficient for you and your company.

Management Reporting
We capture and consolidate all travel data and provide reports that are meaningful to your program and supportive of your goals.

24-Hour Emergency Service
Wholly owned and operated by Galaxy Quest Travel, we provide 24-hour assistance to our travelers anywhere in the world. We operate our own After-hours Emergency Service department to provide seamless, professional service to our clients outside of normal business hours.

Technology Products
We provide updates and enhancements to software and automated solutions and tools to drive efficiencies and lower costs.

Travel Management Solutions
Galaxy QuestTravel features all the tools you need to better enhance your program: benchmarking, quality control, trend analysis, risk management, and more.

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